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Your Next Bedroom Wall Poster (or Computer Wallpaper) is here

2019 Ferrari F8 Tributo

The world as we know it moving faster and faster. When I was a kid, one of my favorite cars was the Ferrari Testarossa. Besides the sound and the performance that you dreamed of as a kid, it had those side strakes that made it the perfect automotive pin up. Talking with others over the years, it was pretty common to hear people my age talk about the Testarossa. It stayed in the forefront of pop culture, and was in production for 8 years.

Eventually, it got replaced by the 355, the 360, the 430, the 458, and the 488. All continuing the tradition of Ferrari's flat plane V8, and gorgeous design. As we've moved on though, the bedroom poster has become somewhat of an antiquated thing it seems. Not because people are any less passionate, but because everyone has a computer and a smartphone now. So, I guess the desktop wallpaper or smartphone homescreen has taken its' place.

Evidence of our ever increasing pace is in the numbers. The Testarossa was in production for 8 years, the 488 has cut that down to about 4. Which brings us to today. Ferrari has officially unveiled the next generation of its' 8 cylinder mid engine car with the Ferrari F8 Tributo. A car that is an evolution of the 488GTB, and the 458 Italia before it.

The 488 generation is in the midst of it's finishing run with the 488 Pista, itself only announced almost exactly a year ago, with deliveries only taking place in the last 6 months or so. The 488 was controversial to many Ferrari purists because it was the first mid-engine car since the F40 to feature turbocharging, and many were worried that coming off of the 458's stellar V8 that the introduction of turbos would dull the experience. Ferrari spent a lot of time making sure this wasn't the case, and the 488GTB was almost as responsive as the aforementioned 458 while making a bucket load more power and a truckload more torque.

Now Ferrari's engineers have fed the 488GTB some steroids and made it do some cardio, because power is up to 710HP from 661HP, and weight is down 40kg. There are various other improvements to the cars aerodynamics, infotainment system, and even a lexan cover for the engine meant to give a visual nod to the iconic F40. Ferrari's in the flesh unveiling is set for next week at the Geneva Motor Show.

Until then, you have a new subject for your desktop or smartphone background.

2019 Ferrari F8 Tributo

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